• Historical Heartbeats - Winter Lecture Series
    From Brendan Hollis’ “About Bermuda” series: Bermuda Cedar charts the ways this endemic plant played an important role in Bermuda’s history and social development.

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  • Give the Gift of Culture
    Download the full gift guide

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  • Commemorative Book now online!
    This special commemorative publication - produced both as a hard and soft back book - is a high quality memento that marks Bermuda’s 400th Anniversary. Now available to view online!

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  • Behind The Mask
    NOW AVAILABLE! This feature length film captures and documents the ongoing history of the Bermuda Gombeys, one of Bermuda’s oldest Folklife traditions.

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Bermuda Heritage Facts

Agriculture and Folk Remedies

The delicious and succulent Bermuda orange was introduced to Bermuda well before 1617 

(Heritage Magazine, 1981)