• Uncover the Arts 2016-2017
    Uncover the Arts consists of a variety of programmes which are designed to offer Bermuda’s winter visitors a choice of activities. This programme is organized to run from November to March.

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  • The Bermuda Arts Council c/o Department Of Community And Cultural Affairs
    The Cultural Legacy Fund is an initiative of the Ministry of Social Development and Sports which aims to give a significant boost to Bermuda’s culture, heritage and arts through strategic, focused investment in the form of financial grants.

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  • Bermudian Heartbeats Lecture series “The Bermuda Depths ” Thursday, 19 January at 6p.m at the World Heritage Centre,
    In Collaboration with the St. George’s Foundation “The Bermuda Depths ”What secret lurks 20,000 feet below the waves in the paranormal realm called the Bermuda Triangle?

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  • Saturday Night LIVE on Stage at The Grand: DIA (DEVILS ISLES AUDIO)
    D.I.A. has taken Bermuda by storm as the hottest, freshest backing band playing all-original music from a variety of genres including Afrobeat, Neo-Soul Top 40's, Soca, Dancehall, Hip hop, Reggae, Alternative & much more!

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  • Bermudian Heartbeats
    Lecture Series April 2016 - March 2017. The Historical Heartbeats Lecture Series features a monthly event highlighting our island's rich historical and cultural heritage, for Bermuda residents and visitors alike.

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Limbo dancing that we perform in Bermuda is also performed in other Caribbean regions such as Surinam, Haiti and Trinidad

(Folklife Research, 2001 )