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Bermuda boasts a rich, diverse and fascinating Folklife, with roots that stretch back for many centuries. The Department is dedicated to honouring, preserving and studying Bermuda’s remarkable Folklife. Our Digital Folklife Archives section is still in the development phase. Please check back soon.

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:the traditions, activitues, skills, and products (as handicrafts) of a particular people or group

Bermuda Heritage Facts

Bermuda Roots

In 1835, the slave ship "The Enterprise, on its way to America, mistakenly landed in Bermuda with over 70 enslaved adults and children of African and Native American descent.  The already emancipated black community in Bermuda fought for their freedom and they were freed.  Their descendents are still in Bermuda today

(Mind the Onion Seed, 1979, by Nellie Musson)

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