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About The Bermuda Arts Council

The Arts Council was founded by an Art of Parliament in 1969 with the intent to promote public awareness of the value of arts and its continued development and growth to Bermudian society as it relates to our youth and all Bermudians and visitors alike.

The Principal objectives of the Council is to develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and practice of the arts; to increase the accessibility of the Arts whether by means of Festivals of the Arts, or otherwise, to the public throughout Bermuda and to advise and cooperate with Government Departments, art groups and societies in Bermuda and other bodies on any matters concerned whether directly or indirectly with the foregoing objectives.

The Bermuda Arts Council is pleased to work in conjunction with the Department of Culture and Community Affairs on The Cultural Legacy Fund initiative which aims to give a significant boost to Bermuda’s culture, heritage and arts through strategic, focused investment in the form of financial grants. Click link for additional information.


The Bermuda Arts Council Grants

The intent of the program is to provide financial assistance to enhance the quality of life in the community by fostering and strengthening the arts and culture, supporting artistic excellence and stimulating wider community appreciation and participation.

Applications for grants are available from the Bermuda Arts Council under three broad categories (click link to download):


The Bermuda Arts Council Annual Award Ceremony is an event that honors Bermuda Artist in the following categories:

The Life Time Achievement Award is presented to those persons who are respected in their art form, and who have created a significant body of original work that is representative of the Bermudian spirit.

The Founder Award is presented to those persons who are, or were, pioneers in their respective art form, and thus have been mentors/role models for their fellow artists and the generations to follow.

The Patron Award is presented to those persons who have been benefactors to the Bermuda Arts Community. The award signifies the appreciation of the Bermudian community.

*Congratulations to the 2012 – 2013 recipients of the Bermuda Arts Council Annual Awards:

Lifetime Achievement

  • Milton Hill - Visual Arts (Sculpture)
  • Ethel and Katherine Tucker - Visual Arts
  • George Rogers - Music (Band)
  • Earl Darrell - Music (Pianist)


  • Irma Washington Butterfield–Majorettes 
  • Maria Gleeson – Dolls


  • Christian Humann Foundation
  • Maria Gleeson – Dolls:

If you would like to nominate a recipient please submit a submission to

Members of the 2012 Bermuda Arts Council:

  • Tona Symonds, Chair
  • Nishanthi Bailey, Deputy Chair
  • Crystal Caesar, Treasurer
  • Alan Smith
  • Carlita Lodge
  • Edwin Smith
  • Graham Maule
  • Jennifer Soares
  • Jennifer Phillips
  • Jeanne Legere
  • Angela Barry

Ex-Officio Member: Heather Whalen

The Bermuda Arts Council

Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building
58 Court Street, 4th Floor
Hamilton, HM 12