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The Gombey Festival 2008

The Gombey Festival is held annually to provide exposure to the folk art traditions of an important Bermuda icon. 

There was almost full participation of Gombey Troupes at this event.  On display were:
H & H Gombeys
Place New Generation Gombeys

Warner’s Gombeys

Richardson’s Gombeys

Warwick Gombeys

The programmme was designed so that each troupe was allowed to dance for 15 to 20 minutes interspersed with excerpts of Gombey tales and the history of the Gombey troupes. 

Gombey Festival 2008 focused on celebrating the family connections of our honoree, Mr. Francis Llewellyn Spencer “Merry Mice” Darrell.  Mr. Darrell was a protégée of the founding father of Bermuda Gombeys - Mr. Charles Ebenezer Norford – and it is Mr. Darrell’s troupe which today lives on through his family – the Warner Gombey Troupe.  The programme concluded with the formal recognition and honouring of Mr. Darrell.  Mr. Darrell, who now lives in Connecticut, was delighted to have this opportunity to be honoured and to dance with his family members who stretch throughout Places, Warner and H &H Gombey Troupes.

If measured by the audience’s response, the 2008 Gombey Festival was a roaring success.  The audience, the site, the participants and the Master of Ceremonies made this an event that will continue to be treasured.

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Gombey Festival 2008
Event Date: September 10 2008
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