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North Hamilton Tour

The North Hamilton Train Tour will share the story of the development of this area from a period of segregation in the 1940’s to the present times.
Imagine Pembroke parish with a series of rolling hills and valleys.  Imagine too what life was like in the neighbourhoods of Angle Street, Court and Princess Street, King Street and Happy Valley Areas.  Picture parties at  the Old Colonial Opera House, Singing or dancing at the Green Gables, Albert’s Bar, dancing and playing to an audience under the stars at the Unity Tennis Court or attending school at the Girls’ Institute of Arts and Craft or the Samaritan Lodge.

The Department of Community & Cultural Affairs will be launching the North Hamilton Train Tours from April, 2007 These train tours will tell the story of the development of black businesses and life during the segregated periods of the early to mid 1900’s.  Focus will be placed on telling the stories and highlighting key residential and business areas which helped to serve every basic need of the surrounding neighbourhoods at that time. Many significant Black Bermudians, associated with the development of the North Hamilton area, will be featured in the commentaries, thereby bringing attention to the roles that each played in the development of North Hamilton.

This is a Heritage Month feature which helps all our people understand from whence we came and how life’s experiences have enriched us all with wisdom and strength and makes Bermuda the thriving nation that it is today.